About Our Children's Music Lesson CDs

Rodney Lee -- Groove Kid Nation

How GKN Started

The Groove Kid Nation series of Children’s Music Lesson CDs is the brainchild of veteran record producer and keyboardist Rodney Lee. With over 20 years of experience in the music business as a touring sideman, record producer, and recording artist, Rodney is applying his talents to the realm of children’s music education.

“After the birth of my son, I began looking for children’s music and was not finding enough of what I wanted to hear. Especially, over and over!” says Lee. “So I rolled up my sleeves, went into the recording studio with a few of LA’s top musicians, and created Groove Kid Nation — a fresh new approach to introducing children to music.”

Little Ears Have Big Potential

We are missing a great window of opportunity to introduce real musical instruments and more advanced music concepts to our rapidly developing toddlers’ ears and brains.  During these formative years our children are learning about all kinds of sounds ranging from the simplicity of a cow’s moo to the complexity of speech and language. It is also the perfect time to introduce the sound of various instruments like the saxophone, trumpet, guitar, violin, and many others.

So how does a parent go about  providing this type of early childhood music lesson — especially in a way that is meaningful and fun for a toddler?

Bobby Mouse plays Bass Guitar
Jasmine the Cat plays Flute

The Groove Kid Nation Approach

Research in early childhood development shows that creative play is one of the most important activities for kids under the age of 5

As a a result, our children’s music lesson CDs strive to enter into that imaginative world via fun groovy characters who also happen to be awesome musicians! By drawing children into the action, kids are exposed to a wide range of instruments and learn quite a bit about them in the process.

Combined with the images from the included illustrated booklets, the animations on this website, and the music from the CDs, Groove Kid Nation is proving to be a powerful tool for enhancing the musical journey of children.

Each song on a Groove Kid Nation CD is designed to provide children with a mini music lesson!

Join The Groove Kid Nation and Download Free Music and More!

Join the Groove Kid Nation and download free music and more!!