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Our CDs provide childrens music lessons about musical instruments, rhythm, tempo, and more.

Each kid song is like a mini music lesson that opens your child’s ears to the fundamentals of music.

Importance of Early Childhood Music Lessons

the drum in childrens music lessons

Rhythm Kings

Recent studies show that having the ability to keep a steady beat improves language development in children

childrens music lessons improve brain

Brain Power

Playing music is the brain’s equivalent of a full body workout. It engages practically every area of the brain at once, especially the visual, auditory, and motor cortices — strengthening those areas in the process.

childrens music lesson CDs improve academics

Improves Academics

Music education improves students’ academic performance, but active participation is required. A recent study shows that simply being exposed to music education doesn’t seem to be sufficient. The real benefits come from actually learning how to play an instrument.

Childrens music lessons improve graduation rates


Studies show that children who learn to play a musical instrument are more likely to graduate high school and attend college.

Most importantly, music is one of the amazing things that make us human.

It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.

The Challenge

Most parents love the idea of music lessons for their toddlers, and the most popular format seems to be the weekly group classes in which children sing songs, shake tambourines, and dance. While those classes are a great place to start, we are missing a tremendous opportunity to go even deeper during those early years in which so many connections are being formed in the brain. Studies have shown that the ears are the most advanced sense at birth and are therefore ready for far more musical stimulation than the average parent typically provides. So what can parents do to improve their child’s music education?

The Groove Kid Nation Solution

Back Story

Back Story

First of all, I’m a dad and professional musician. While observing my son as he learned about animals via images and sounds (made by his mom and I), I realized that this same method would be perfect for introducing musical instruments. However, it is much harder for teachers/parents to emulate the sound of a saxophone, piano or trumpet! After much thought, I reasoned that one of the best times to introduce a musical instrument is during a familiar or age appropriate song. In addition, the character from the song could also play the featured instrument. Each song would therefore become a mini childrens music lesson!

Now that I had the concept, I called together a few of my friends who are among the top professional musicians in LA, and the result is Groove Kid Nation, a childrens music lesson series designed to give parents and educators age appropriate tools to improve and deepen a child’s understanding of musical instruments and fundamental music concepts.

Early Childrens Music Lesson Goals

Early Childrens Music Lesson Goals

Our early childrens music lessons are not so much about learning how to play an instrument and more about introducing children to the fundamentals of music so that they may be inspired and motivated to want to learn an instrument later. Therefore, the initial goals are to:

  • introduce children to a wide range of instruments and musical styles
  • teach children how those instruments are held and how they produce sound(i.e. wind, string, and percussion)
  • introduce children to the real sound of those instruments and not electronic imitations
  • help them hear instruments in the context of a song along with learning the role each instrument plays
  • help children develop a sense of rhythm
  • help children develop a singing voice

The Groove Kid Nation Tools

The Groove Kid Nation Tools

  • Each CD contains 10 or more songs that each feature a different instrument or music concept
  • Each CD includes a 10-page illustrated booklet that features the various characters from the songs playing their instrument.
  • Each CD challenges and expands a kid’s musical journey with fresh age-appropriate concepts.
  • The website offers a continuously growing range of free resources from videos to articles

Our Award Winning Releases

Childrens Music Lesson CD

The Wheels on the Bus

Introduce your child to the world of musical instruments through groovy soul versions of classic children’s songs!

“Itsy Bitsy Spider”
      1. 03_itsy
Music in Motion CD Cover -- Childrens Music lesson

Kool Katz: Music in Motion

The Kool Katz play funky kids songs that draw kids into the action with specific instructions on what to do from funny dances, to playing air guitar, to responding to musical cues, to simply nodding their heads to the beat.

“Funky Chicken”
      2. 04_Funky_Chicken
Rhythm Bears CD -- Childrens music lessons

Rhythm Bears

As the title suggests, Rhythm Bears is all about drawing kids into the music with rhythmic call and response games that will have them clapping, stomping, playing percussion, and vocalizing to the beat.

“The Why Song”
      3. 02_why

I love the new approach to the well-worn songs and appreciate the nod to education with “The ABC song” and “The Inch Worm” plus the clear focus on instrument sounds. The “Wheels on the Bus” album is unlike any other in our collection and is a breath of fresh air for any rainy day dance party.

Parent Map

Producer/composer/arranger/father, Rodney Lee, once again leads expert talent with authentic appreciation and enthusiasm for teaching young listeners how a trumpet, drums, piano, guitar, flute, bass, saxophone, trombone can produce a range of musical feeling. These “Kool Katz” are hip enough for music class in school, at home, or on the go.

Parents' Choice Awards 2012

Rhythm and movement are so important for emotional and intellectual development. Many studies have shown that harmonious, rhythmic interaction are correlated with cognitive ability. The “Rhythm Bears” CD’s rhythmic call and response games not only got our family clapping, dancing and stomping, but it clearly helped sharpen our synapses. After listening to the music my children began asking reflective questions about the world around them. I recommend Rhythm Bears to all my friends.

Academics' Choice Smart Media Award

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